Sunday, August 13, 2006

Convocation of University Malaya (UM)

Attended my friend’s convocation in UM last weekend. At first I thought it was an ordinary convo but surprisely I saw a lot of funny thing that I wish to share with you all.
Here is some pic & video that I took and uploaded to

This was Fighting between colleges and one of the gang shouting “xia soi” (in chinese下衰 means Shame of you) to others. Just doubt what the parents will think when they heard that :_P

Direct throw your friend to the sky is not more famous. Don’t do this at home if you don’t have professional training.

There was also Lion Dance in their convo. But this time the Lion is their friend and pick the leaf of the big tree. Pity to the tree.

A very crowded convo should bring a lot of profit to several industry like hotel, florist, souvenir, electronic instruments ( digital cam ), transport, costumes, cosmetic...